Q. How long does it take?

Delivery can take up to 10 days from confirmation of order.  But I aim to make them as quickly as possible. 

Q. Where do you ship?

We ship to UK and Ireland, Australia and USA I will add any country that’s not listed just send me a message 

Q. Who are the Food Diaries most suitable for?

The Food Diaries come in 3 most popular diet formats, check out the photos to see which format is most suited to you .

Q. Are all the Food diaries the same inside ? 

Yes they all come with Weight loss chart, measurement chart, Meal planning, goal and motivation pages, weight loss jar, favourite food pages and 8 week of food diary with a reflection page at the end of each week.

Q. Do you sell personalised Food Diaries?

Yes we have a variety of personalised Food diaries; if you just add your name in the notes section at checkout it makes the whole process much quicker. The only time they will not be available is when I take my family on holidays.

Q. Do you sell 12-week Food diaries?

I only sell 8 week Food diaries I have found from losing 6 stone myself that I can focus for 8 weeks and get the best results. I have found with 12 weeks I lose focus and it ends up in the draw! From my own experience I focus for 8 weeks then I need another front cover to keep me motivated. But if there were a demand I would certainly look into making them.